After going through some books on the “how to” of photography, I’ve been working on getting beyond the basics. Back in 2017, I had started a 365 project of taking a photo and posting it every day. This worked out until about mid June when I had some travel that messed up my rhythm from which I never recovered.

What I did learn during these 6 months of daily practice:

  • It all starts with the basics (aperture, iso, shutter)
  • Glass can make all the difference, but it isn’t everything
  • Learned all the settings on my cameras
  • Muscle memory and habit helps get technology out of the way to focus on the shot
  • The tech is secondary to skill
  • Macro-photography can be a lot easier with extra lighting
  • Lightroom isn’t the end-all-be-all of RAW processing
  • Achieving an affect in front of the camera is far more effective than in post-processing
  • I still have so much to learn

I don’t feel I’ve “mastered” photography but rather on solid ground as a perpetual student of the shutter button.

See my 2017×365 results on Flickr.

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