I’ve seen some criticism that people aren’t experiencing the world “in the moment” because they are too busy trying to take selfies, post to social media, and just want to take a quick pic before heading off to the next location.

Personally, I feel that having the camera in hand helps me see the world with more detail. Whenever I’m on the move, I’m constantly scanning the the world, looking for details I might have missed by just being on my way.

It’s already in my nature to scan my surroundings, be aware of not only the sights but also the sounds, smells, textures, and colors. The camera is a tool I use to hone in an experience the details, really see that neat looking insect, count the number of petals on the flower, notice the bird perched on a branch, and more importantly, help share my experiences with friends, families, and the rest of the world.

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