My Tools

Fujifilm X-T3 – (Amazon) Currently my main camera for the majority of my photography. A 26MP sensor, 4k video, dual card slots, excellent range of lenses, and more. Great camera.

Fujinon 16-55mm F2.8 R OIS WR – I wanted the weather resistance of this lens over the standard 16-55mm kit lens. Additionally, it can shoot f2.8 through its entire focal range. A little heavy, but great results.

Fujinon 100-400 (Rented) – I got it for wildlife photography, but also found it useful for landscapes and portraits to eliminate lens distortion.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris – A handy app (iphone, android) and website where you can plan your shots based on the position of the sun, moon, shadows, and all kinds of stuff. Similar to what PhotoPills offers.

Meike macro extension tubes – Oh, these are so fun and an inexpensive way to turn nearly any lens into a macro lens. You can find them for nearly any lens mount type.

Sirui T-025SK – Weighing about 2lbs, I found it to be a nice tripod. For the most part, it meets my needs but flexes a little when the big glass is mounted.

GoPro Hero 5 Black – Everyone has a GoPro nowadays, right? I started with a 3+ Silver some years ago but hated all the different casings, the 5 is now waterproof without a special case, the screen is built-in, and the battery is far more efficient. Love it.

Peak Design Capture Clip v3 (Amazon) – I had a v2 of the Capture Clip but didn’t like how wide it was. The v3 Capture clip is now narrower, easier to use, and far more refined. Highly recommended.

My Amazon Wishlist – Feeling generous? Want to support an independant photographer with some gear? Or you want to give me some feedback on my future gear choices: Check out my wishlist.

Previous Cameras and Misc:

Sony a6000 – Nice camera with interchangeable lenses. I’m pretty happy with the photo quality, but it didn’t take well to my back-country free-wheeling lifestyle.

Nikon D610 – My first DSLR. I got a few good shots out of it, but it was so huge compared to the Sony that I just couldn’t take it on the bicycle.

I didn’t like it! So I don’t link it!

Peak Design Capture Clip v2 – It’s so wide that it started digging into my shoulder.

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver – Ugh, the runtime was so short, the sheer number of cases to protect it from the elements was insane, no screen to see where you were aiming, and just a pain to use.

MeFoto Backpacker Air Tripod – Nice and small, could have been great, but with heavier cameras and laughable locking mechanisms this tripod just wasn’t worth the hassle any more.